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Performance vape wires consists of the most exotic configurations in the industry performance rebuildable wires rdta prebuilt wires rebuildable coil wires vapeking.Vip.
Show More Check out the Hellvape N90 Competition Round Wire, consisting of 10% more nickel than Nichrome 80, resulting in better performance and rapid heating times due to lower resistances per inch.Hellvape N90 Competition ROUND Wire Features:Ni90 Wire Composition0.09ohm / inch - 23g0.11ohm / inch ..
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Show More The Vandy Vape MTL Wire Series Spools are a set of meticulously engineered superfine mouth-to-lung coil wires in a variety of heating elements to cater to those that prefer vaping at higher resistances featuring a myriad of clapton style wires measuring in at 2.37ohms to 8.53ohms range.Van..
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Show More Wotofo Competition Wire Spool features a convenient way to implement exotic coils configuration via machine-twisted offerings for precise and consistent building material. Packed in a spool of 20 feet, it is designed to bring individualized building experience, with a wide range of added b..
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