Kangvape Slick Plus Q1: Why I can check atomiser mod?

A1: not yet installed on the atomizer mod MOTI Piin Disposable Vape.

Q2: Can I use other coil with low resistance of the coil is included in the kit?

A2: You should not do that. The best thing is to use the original coil. For example, the original 1.5ohm coil when the other coil is less than 1 ohm, so that energy can not be used enough mod.

P3: details leak

A3: There must be a problem with the connection between the coil and the atomizer. First, check whether there is still a leak, then we suggest you change to a new atomizer.

Q4: Why there are no clouds of vapor or when vape?

A4: What kind of e-liquid using multiple email addresses too thick liquid to attack. Try another pod.

vapor cloud

Q5: What is e-juice can be used for DIY?

A5: Unless nic-alt, more juice can be used for DIY.

Q6: On Battery

A6: Factors that influence the level of battery consumption and the use of  Anno Plus Disposable Vapecables with the use time effectively. When the kit is powered by a dual battery, and you meet mod your body, which can cause the battery to use quickly. Replacing the battery twice in two weeks is the normal usage frequency.


P7: Building In RBA, even when the heating cables are used in different contexts, but some of them may not know why?

A7: There must be a different model body strength, the size of the RBA and how they are connected coils of wire. Try heating wire.

strength determines the size and thickness of the coil, and the size of the coil determines the amount and flavor of cotton.

There are also many factors such as the inside of the RBA and the air intake affect the taste.

Q8: Why cartridge has a burning smell after completing three or four times? There is no response after installing the cartridge?

A8: Ex usual. The last one to see if a EGO-C Twist Vape Pen VV Battery 1300mAh  tear down packaging films.

Q9: Why kit sudden death, and no response when loaded?

A9: change the batteries, if it fails, if a mod chip is damaged.

Q10: I bought this camera recently, why I did not answer?

A10: Try another atomizer.


The difference between VG and PG in the e-liquid.

VG English means vegetable glycerin. VG extracted from plants, so that many users believe that the WOTOFO Vape Wicking Xfiber Cotton electronic cigarette health VG. VG adhesiveness and weight, a lot of smoke.


PG stands for propylene glycol in English. PG is produced by the hydration of propylene oxide. Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus   PG is much thinner than VG and produce less smoke. However, PG blow throat, and many users like it.

PG has been recognized by  the FDA as a safe food additive. However, the reaction of e-cigarette users, some users have experienced allergies and other side effects after using the e-liquid containing PG.

Allergies can vary up and down. In mild cases, a sore throat, and in severe cases, itching all over the body, accompanied by dizziness and nausea. If an allergic reaction, these people decided VG E-liquid.

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